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Skin Treatments



Are harmless small pieces of soft, hanging skin. They can appear anywhere but usually where skin rubs against skin.


Topical anaesthetic may be used to prepare the skin as the cautery is uncomfortable.


High Frequency cautery

Your Dr can also use liquid nitrogen or cut out larger tags



Are commonly found on the face and are easily seen.


These little vessels can be quickly and easily cauterized with an ultra-fine needle. The effect is instantaneous with some skin redness and sometimes some temporary swelling. Expect some healing time


High Frequency cautery




Areas of uneven skin colour which mostly occur from UV light when the skin is inflamed, possibly from heat trauma or sensitized by increased hormonal activity


An assessment is required to ascertain the depth of the condition. Usually additional skin care items are required to interrupt the pigmentation cycle and to protect the skin from further damage

Deep-seated pigmentation is referred to a Dermatologist


Dermal needling

Vitamin skin infusions

Suitable anti-oxidant and peptide treatments



This is an ongoing inflammatory skin condition which may have periods of remission that affects almost 1 in 10 adults. It is associated with patchy swelling which may become pustular, but no blackheads. The cheeks and the nose can be cherry red. Rosacea is aggravated by exposure to the sun, heat, alcohol and spicy food.


Rosacea can be managed with success.


An intense skin treatment program over a month is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. These may include:

Dermal needling

AHA light skin peels

Oxygen skin treatments

Gentle vitamin skin infusions

LED light treatments



UV radiation (amongst other things) ages skin, especially those with fair complexions who have less natural protection. Our supporting skin structures such as collagen and elastin fibres become less viable as we age. Natural moisture (hyaluronic acid) in our skin is less and fewer outer protective cells so …


First things first! Our clients are educated on how to take care of themselves using properly suited home care skin products, with emphasis on UV protection. Then, in consultation with you, we plan customised skin treatments that will treat your skin at a deeper level.


Lactic acid light peels

VIitamin C skin infusions

Dermal Needling

Firming peptide treatments

LED light treatments



An inflammatory skin condition often with blackheads, papules and pustules


After a thorough consultation we treat acne by recommending suitable skin care products with a home routine and a suggested program of in-clinic treatments

Severe acne cases are referred to a Dermatologist


Lactic or salicylic acid peels

Deep cleansing for blackhead removal

Vitamin A skin infusions

Circadia Oxygen treatments

LED light treatment


I find the staff, environment, products and the technician (Linda) to be of an excellent standard. Friendly, approachable and professional.


I have been going to Linda for years. She provides an outstanding service combining her skills, professionalism and the use of products proven to get results. There is no hard sell here. The results speak for themselves. I regularly receive very positive feedback on my skin and continue to recommend Linda to others.


Hi Linda, thank you so much for your help with my skin. I’m sending you a testimony in support of the work you do: “I used to hate my skin and had almost accepted nice skin wasn’t for me, and never left the house without make-up. Having followed Linda’s recommended skin regimen my skin is now something I can enjoy ..make up or not!”


Until I started going to Linda I believed that there was no such service available – sure I had been to beauticians for a feel-good pampering, but I was always aware that it never actually made any measurable difference to my skin.  However, since going to Linda my skin is smoother and never dry anymore, the wrinkles are less visible and I’ve had no acne in that whole year.  (Even my husband has noticed the improved quality of my skin.)


Linda customizes treatments per visit so I feel very comfortable knowing I am getting more than just a visit to the beauty therapist


“Linda is very knowledgeable and she has provided very good service.  Always responded quickly to any queries I’ve had and suitable products and treatments recommended”


My skin is amazing! My husband has seen such a difference that he wants to have a talk with you for getting the same for himself. Thank you so much – couldn’t be more thrilled.


Liz, 57, Registered Nurse in Auckland

Price List


Environ Hydro-peptide skin treatment  (with complimentary AVST travel pack – while stocks last) $175.00
Vitamin Skin Infusion using sonophoresis $150.00
Vitamin infusion & dermaplaning $175.00
Dermaplaning – 30 min $90.00
Dermal Needling
Individual – base neck to forehead $450.00
Course of 3 $1,200.00
Course of 4 $1,550.00
Lip/brow wax add-on to existing skin treatment $30.00
Deep cleansing & blockage removal $90.00
Lactic peels $90.00
Cacoa Enzyme Treatment $120.00
Facial vein cautery – 20 min session $60.00
Electrolysis – 20 min session $60.00
LED Light Treatments
Individual $50.00
Course of 9 $300.00
Swich – Circadia’s top of the range rejuvenating treatment $165.00
Oxygen Skin Treatment $155.00
Oxygen Skin Treatment & Vitamin Skin Infusion $200.00
Observ skin consultations $50

About Skin Wellness

linda Jackson

Linda Jackson is a Medical Skin Therapist specialising in skin wellness and anti-ageing skin treatments. She has worked with specialists and gp’s for almost 30 years and offers quality, customised treatments. Linda says “My aim is to bring together your concerns and unique skin profile with my experience and understanding to draw up a ‘map’ to your future skin wellness, starting from our first consultation.”

Linda’s mission is to step-up her research efforts so that client’s receive greater insight into their skin health and wellbeing. “I believe the key to this is in delivering essential high quality specific nutrients and moisture right to the depths of your skin”. Linda enjoys treating difficult-to-manage skin, scarring and hopes to always exceed expectations.

All products and services are created to give natural, environment friendly solutions and our clinic uses healthy, bio-degradable alternatives, we increasingly buy locally, reduce waste and have adopted high efficiency tools wherever possible. Linda is an active member of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Therapists Inc.

Contact Linda


Appearance Medicine and Wellness Centre
72 Apollo Drive
Mairangi Bay Auckland

Mobile Number

021 046 7896

Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

9am – 5.30pm


9am – 4pm

Later appointments can be arranged.1